This website is dedicated to the SAAB 900 GT Aero, ultimate model version "FRANCAISE" which closes the manufacture of the 900 which had begun in 1978. 
During its long career the 900 has existed in many versions and models, 3-door hatchback, 5-door hatchback, Sedan 2 and 4-door, convertible. 
Multiple engines were also available, they have evolved over the years and anti pollution standards, the first models were carburettor single or double, or injection 8 valves and then 16 valves, however turbo engines already existing on the SAAB 99 were marketed from the beginning of the appearance of the 900. 

Such a long career with such great commercial success had to be closed by a model that is different from the others. 

This was the: 

900 GT Aero for FRANCE ( 70 copies) 
900 " Last RUN Edition " for GERMANY ( 51 copies) 
900 TSR U9 for the Netherlands ( 35 copies ) 
900 GT for BELGIUM ( 10 copies ) 
900 GT for SPAIN ( 7 copies ) 
900 GT for ITALY ( 30 copies ) 
900 GT for TURKEY ( 1 copy ) 

TOTAL 204 copies for EUROPE ( official source SAAB / ORIO factory file received in July and October 2017)

The 900 " Commemorative Edition" for the USA , the 900 " Ruby " for ENGLAND, and the 
" special edition " for Sweden, but these are not similar to the "GT Aero" (no aero kit, other colors, ect ...) 

The common point of all these special series of end of reign is that they were all produced in 1993 (EU and USA) for the coupé versions 

According to each country, the presentation is different, the color, the accessories, the sunroof or not, the airbag, ect .... 

In Germany the sunroof was standard 
In Germany and the Netherlands the airbag was standard 

The serial numbers (VIN) of GT Aero start with YS3AD35T .....), this was also the case for 185cv "Ruby Edition" models in ENGLAND. 

It is this chassis number YS3 AD35T which allows among others to quickly identify if a SAAB 900 is a GT Aero. (GT Aero is the French name) .But to be sure it must be the serial number in the list of 70 chassis imported by SAAB FRANCE. 

In the United States, the commemorative edition has a serial number in YS3AL35T (about 314 models built instead of 325 marked on the plate) .For this special series for the United States, the 900 CE 'Zegna interior (mid leather , mi tissues) ... source http://www.SAABCE.COM

For summary, for EUROPE it was manufactured 204 version "GT", including 70 GT for FRANCE


900 GT Aéro 1/43
Purchased at "SAAB FARMS"

Sale documents 900 GT Aéro (NL)
Thanks "Albert" 

Fabrics seats GT "Zegna"

Factory product files

A preview of the file that allows the authentication of 900 GT (columns blurred for privacy reasons)
The file authenticates
all chassis numbers AD35T (70 GT for FRANCE and 134 other GT for Europe color black "color 170" and 165 Ruby color red "color 242")

Driver book 1993
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(Authentification des 900 GT Aéro)

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